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shed alarms

sloppycowpatsloppycowpat Posts: 349
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
some little scrots had a go at our shed last night luckily didn't get in but have damaged the fences and the door :evil:

so are shed alarms worth using il probs just get one

can anyone recommend a good one

worst moment ever...
buzzing down twisting single track then.... psssst BANG!!!


  • gilesjukgilesjuk Posts: 340
    There's all manner of alarms around.

    Personally, I have a home automation system that can email or send a notification to my phone when doors get opened or there's motion detected. It also can take and store photos.

    I have a Z-wave automation controller (Vera 2) and various sensors. It also helps cut down on energy usage and you can switch things on/off remotely using phone applications or a web interface, even look at cameras in your house.

    I even rigged up a doorbell sensor using the door/window sensor. It tells me if someone's rung the doorbell :)
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