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Cube Agree (any model) advice

richardstrichardst Posts: 9
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I have been on this site for ages but have always just took a backseat read however I would be most grateful for some advice and opinions...

I have been looking to purchase a Cube Agree GTC Race for a couple of months now and my issue (apart from their supply issues) is getting the right size... I am 6ft 3 and fall right between the 62 and 64 frame.

I realise the normal advice is to go and sit on one and try it out but that is easier said than done with these sizes as no one wants to order them in and that is on top of the already dodgy supply numbers of the Race model.

My question is, does anyone around the same height have an advice about their experiences with the larger Cube Agree frames and as a long shot is there anyone in the Chester/Manchester/Liverpool area that has one and would be willing to allow a quick sit on before I went ahead and ordered?

Many thanks for any replies,



  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Can you go and get a bike fit done locally to you? Measuring you up with the right equipment will allow you have a more educated guess as to which frame will suit best. The competitive cyclist website might have Cube data on it to compare with. If you are, on paper, between sizes then I would go for the smaller as you can (I think) make a small frame bigger with stem and seat adjustment whereas if the frame is too big its much harder to compromise.
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