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Dura-Ace BB click

Fozzy279Fozzy279 Posts: 7
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Hi All -

My bike has developed an annoying "click" when really working hard on the pedals - going along on the flat OK - only when really pushing the pedals. When the left hand (non chainset) crank is at about 2 o'clock looking from the chainring side / 10 o'clock on the non chainrin side, I hear and feel this tick or click. Can't see anything obvious catching (brakes/ magnet for speedo) but you can definately feel it and hear it. The bike has about 500 miles - Dura-Ace BB/Cranks etc with Shimano 105 pedals.

Any ideas where to look please?



  • MrChuckMrChuck Posts: 1,663
    Notoriously difficult one, but I'd start by checking QRs are tight and clean, crank pinch bolts, and chainring bolts. You could also try some different pedals if you have the chance.
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