New BB Cups

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Hi there,

I have a Spesh Allez 2011 with a Sora Groupset.

I need to replace the BB cups as one is shot.

On the cups it says BC 1.37 x 24 Road IC.

Please can you tell me, what the significance of "IC"?

Can I fit any cups that have the same figures on them?

What options are available to aside from the standard? I'd pay a bit more for something durable and servicable.

Feedback much appreciated :)


  • jermas
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    What you need is a bottom bracket that fits shimano Hollowtech 2 english thread. Not sure what IC actually stands for but is probably an indication of the model -sora.
    If you want a better quality BB the next up in the range is Tiagra,then 105, Ultegra, Dura ace. They will all fit.
    105 (5700 series) is probably the best for quality/value.
  • Dmak
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    OK cool thanks :)