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Upgrading my kona caldera!

stantheman206stantheman206 Posts: 106
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I currently own a 2010 kona caldera and have started to get into mtb quite a bit recently, trails and xc. I would like to start upgrading a few parts but no sure whats best to start with. I think I would like things that dont cost the earth but I would notice the biggest improvements.below is my current spec, any suggestions on upgrades would be great thanks.
Reba team dual air 100mm with pop lock
Xt shadow rear and deore front mechs
Deore shifters
Hayes el camino discs, sun rims and maxxis ignites
Fsa chainset (not sure model but is stock equipment) and v12's
Amoeba bar and stem, stock saddle and post.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Without a full and comprehensive spec I can't help you much.

    But to start, do any parts let you down? Do you want less weight? Stiff or stronger parts? Smoother gears? And what budget?
  • The disc brakes are a nightmare to set up and don't feel as sharp as the should be, the front mech and chainset as a whole sounds quite rattley (if that's a word?) and not as precise as my previous deore chainset and xt frit mech in my old bike. Any suggestions on replacements. Saving weight would be nice but strong too as I'm starting to ride bigger stuff! Budget around £300.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you can't get them set up or simply don't get on with them, try the new SLX brajkes, are very good.

    Gears could just be set up, or maybe worn - check carefully for wear.

    I'd check the weight of your bars/stem/seatpost as often are good weight savings there.

    I would definitely replace the V12s! Very heavy, try Wellgo Mg1, much better pedal.

    Are the tyres folders? Ie kevlar bead?
  • I've tried setting up the brakes with no luck so had the bike serviced at my lbs who said "that's the best we can do". Slight warped discs so I may replace if I went for the slx which look like excellent value. Super, can u suggest replacement bars, stem and seat post at sensible price, is buying as a set better?
    Tyres are not folding but I really like these over my mountain kings, do they do a folding version of the igniters ?
    I agree with the pedals, my 5 year old will be pleased as he's had them in his bike until recently when I went back to them from using clip less ones, I'll look out for the wellgo's.
  • leafliteleaflite Posts: 1,651
    You can get folding ignitors. The folding ones are very light indeed. Also look at the continental verticals, which have an almost identical tread pattern.
  • Thanks, I'm beginning to build up a short list of pats I can improve the overall performance and look of my bike.

    Anyone got suggestions for new bars, stem and seatpost in a bundle or otherwise, again light and strong at a reasonable price.

    Will my 100mm Reba Team's continue to handle trail riding, small drops and jumps going wrong?
    They are light and smooth and probably best suited for XC as they are duel air, just not sure if I will ruin them?

    Is it worth looking at upgrading these too? and if so what? up to 120mm i think, caldera wont take any more travel
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The forks are about the best there is! They will handle small jumps and drops, but if you are going any bigger then you need a whole different bike really.

    Look at Exotic Carbon Cycles for cheap, light kit.
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