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Help! - Wheel rebuilder in Cambridgeshire needed!!

racingtracingt Posts: 108
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Hi all

I've been an idiot and ruined the hub of my Mavic Ksyrium SL - changing the freewheel from Campy to Shimano.
Rest of the wheel is good. I've sourced a sound identical hub, and need someone to lace the new hub into the old wheel.

I'm in North Herts / Cambridgeshire - does anyone know any reputable wheel rebuilders that could do this?
I am assuming it is possible :P

Thanks for advice




  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,896
    Any decent bike shop should be able to help. I once rebuilt a ksyrium and promised myself never to do it again... :twisted:
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  • Hi

    Get in contact with Lee or Simon at Grafham Cycling. (Owned by Rutland Cycling)

    I work there and its a great shop but i am biased :-)

    Contact No: 01480 812500 option 3

    Grafham Cycling
    Marlow Car Park
    Grafham Water
    PE28 0BH
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    hey Matt off topic I know but when's your open day this year? which brands will be 'demoable'?
  • racingtracingt Posts: 108
    Cheers Matt, will do!!
  • doubledenimdoubledenim Posts: 119
    +1 for Grafham. They built up my mavic r-sys wheels up due to a broken spoke. Theses apples are carbon so true testament to mechanic skills...
  • giant man wrote:
    hey Matt off topic I know but when's your open day this year? which brands will be 'demoable'?


    sorry about the mega late reply.

    Will be having our 29er demo day on the 29th of April.

    Brands are taking time to get back to us or they have not been contacted yet.

    We already have 29er Specialized bikes on our hire fleet.

    Get in touch with the sales guys on

    01480 812500 option 2
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