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Headset length / stem adjustment

kayakzjimkayakzjim Posts: 2
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I have replaced my longtime commuting bike (which is a mountain bike) with another mountain bike, GT Avalanche, also to be used for commuting. The GT requires me to lean over more which is uncomfortable on my neck and back. I have adjusted the seat height correctly.

The stem is as high as it will go on the headset. Can I loosen the top cap bolt and raise the heaset height so that my posture is more upright or do I need to buy a headset that is longer. I think a shorter stem might also help.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Nope. Nope.

    New higher rise stem and/or bars are your only options. ( well there are the extenders you can add to the stem as well......).
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