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Which hanger?

sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368
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loking to buy a hanger for my rear deraileur to keep in my bag when I spend a long weekend in Wales. But confused, what do i need to a 2012 Trance X3?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    one for a 2012 Trance X3 ask the place that sold you the bike. Or look on Betd.
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  • sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368
    Would prob buy from them anyway (as I do most of my stuff) as they are very helpful just like to do some research and trying to learn a bit as I go.
  • PovesPoves Posts: 23
    Always good to support your local Bike Shop- if they deserve it.....and great sense to carry a spare hanger.
    I had an unknown origin frame that I needed a hanger for and so I looked on eBay. Some sellers carry pictures of a number of hangers so that you can compare with your own..
    I managed to identify the hanger I needed quite easily doing this and it cost less than £9.

    Just type in gear hanger and look for a seller with pictures of different hangers.
  • huntahunta Posts: 35
    I just went through exactly the same exercise for my 2012 Trance X2. I'm told that only the headset changed between the 2011 and 2012, so anything you see advertised as 2008 onwards will be fine. Just to be sure though, take the back wheel off and have a good look from the 'inside'. Should look something like this: ... b7v5zQDpqe

    Here's what I eventually went with. Cheapest I could find on the interweb inc delivery: ... 8plus.html
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