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Hello everyone!

I've decided to buy a Pearson Touché (, as my old bike has finally given up after years of abuse.
The bike is to be used for daily commutes and for the occasional longer trip. I will ride it as a single-speed, but who knows, maybe I'll flip it to fixed some day.

The thing is, I don't know a lot about bikes and therefore I'd very much appreciate some advice regarding the various options and whether they'd be worth getting or if I should just upgrade when the standard options break. I'm not able to make a qualified choice from what Pearson write about the standard options.

The options I'm wondering about:
Wheels: Halo Aero Rage (£85)
Tires: Continental Gatorskin Hardshell (£85)
Chainset: Miche Primato (£85)
Chain: Nickel Chain (£10)

And what I think I'll definitely need: SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard (£35)

I'd be very glad if anyone could help me.
Thanks in advance :D

Oh, one extra thing: From what I've gathered a 81 cm inseam will make the 56 cm frame ideal if I want a relatively relaxed riding position and 54 if I prefer it more aggressive. Is this correct?


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    Those wheels are well respected and get good reviews. Again, the tires are hard wearing but lighter ones can be puncture resistant and taking a couple of 100g off the rolling weight will make a big difference on an SS. I ride Vittoria Rubino Pro's and they're great. Again, I have that chainset (the advanced on with the deep chainrings) and it's great, stiff and looks good. I am running a cheap KMC Z510 chain (gold!) and although they are less than £10, I can't fault it, running quietly all the time. I had a much more expensive Izumi ESH track chain before this one and there is little difference from my viewpoint, virtually any SS chain is mega strong.
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    Thank you very much, pompy, I completely forgot about this post because I didn't get any answers. I excuse my impatience! I assume your advice is with regard to the mentioned upgrade options!
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    Hope the build goes well! You should end up with a nice light bike. I have a Pompino frame which is 2.2kg and the whole bike is 8kg without pedals, I reckon the Touche is at least 500g lighter. Pics when complete ok?!
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    I'm currently working hard on my master's thesis so I think I'll wait till summer before ordering the bike (I don't think getting a new bike would be a good idea right now) :D
    When I get it I'll do my best to remember to take some pictures and post them here! And again, thank you for the advice!