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cycleplus voucher bike

davehundavehun Posts: 22
edited March 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi All
I am using the cycle plus to upgrade my road bike. Its a Felt Z65 and I want to get something faster for trialthlons, sportifs and general fun riding. I have put a longer and lower stem on the felt.
I have the cycle to work voucher plus a bit extra of my own money.
I had my eye on the planet X n2a but they are only doing the full £3k model, no cheaper option.
The ribble bikes but I want to get at least 105 and as ribble wont let you subsidise the voucher they are out ....
So any suggestions for a fast full carbon road bike from som where that will let me supplement the voucher.
The LBS have a CUBE that looks interesting but everyone here has cubes ..
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