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Replacing parts, clue me up

fastercyclistfastercyclist Posts: 396
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My chainring is very badly worn down after (10k?) miles. I feel very nervous going up hills on it now, three extremely worn down teeth in a row on one part of it :O

My groupset is shimano ultegra and I'm visiting the bike shop to get the wheel trued tomorrow.

I would appreciate advice on which parts will need replacing (I imagine the metal teeth on the rear cog [spider plus the individual bits], the chain, front chainrings...crank?? the cogs in the deraileur

Also would it be possible to have these moving parts just replaced with Shimano 105 and leave the rest of the bike ultegra? Any ideas on rough prices for parts+labour for the replacement bits? Maybe I've overlooked something that'd need replacement?

*would it be possible to get bigger replacements to 54/?? currently a bit smaller then that and notice it downhill.
**double not a triple btw

All help greatly appreciated, I just want to bring it up with the shop to get a quote but I don't want to be nodding my head along to any eye watering prices :D

...A lot of the wear due to not realising I needed to replace the chain for a very long time :shock:
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Got a photo of your chainrings? It's not uncommon for people to mistake the distinctive teeth profiles for wear; there may be nothing wrong with it.
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