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West Highland Way race

craighudsoncraighudson Posts: 64
edited March 2012 in XC and Enduro
I looking into the possibility of organising a mountain bike race on the west highland way in 2013. If you know of many people that would be interested in this then please get in touch as I need to get as many number as possible to give myself a fighting chance of putting it on.
The likely format would be over a single day in pairs or single (if in a pair both would be on the "way" at the same time to assist each other with the many gates and carrying sections etc. This could change by the time it gets to the event.You can reply through here or send a reply in through my website,


  • I would be interested,will be riding the way in a day later this year, so would be good to race it! Would you be using north to south like the running race every year or south to north?
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  • Thats great campbell, I always like to do it South to North. I will keep your response and add it to other queries I get regarding the race. I will be speaking the Guy in charge of "the way" next week so I can start making plans. Good luck with your 1 day ride. it is a great ride in a day, a real all day epic in anyones books.


    Craig Hudson
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