Cassette on too tight?

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Apologies for the noob question but is it possible to put a cassette on too tight?
A part of me thinks not but I have to ask!!

Basically I've got the same summer bike that I was on last year.
Last year I was using Campag Zonda's with a Centaur cassette.
Over the winter I bought a set of Campag Shamal's with a brand new Centaur cassette.

Good bike had it's first outing today and it felt like hard work some of the time.
The reason I ask about the cassette is because I got my summer bike and winter bike (where the Zonda's now live) and if I use my hand to spin the cranks backwards with the same amount of force, or as close as I can get to it, there's a definite half spin more or so in favour of the Zondas. :?

Any thoughts?



  • desweller
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    It is possible to overtighten the lockring but doing so would not produce the symptoms you describe.
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    Ah...the new wheels and cassette are the only things that are different. :?
  • on-yer-bike
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    The free hub is also different. Are the Shamals new? The free hub may need to wear in a bit. The bottom bracket is also different maybe your summer bike has less smooth bearings. The jockey wheels are also different and mucky jockeys can cause the symptoms you describe.
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    Just check the cassette on the freehub again.... eliminate any possibility that you have xthreaded the lockring and that the cassette from behind view looks perfectly aligned.