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Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
This guy is not an honest seller and the lowest of the low. He advertised a front wheel plus various other bits on here, and then advertised them as a full build on eBay.


On one 456 inbred
Medium 18"
Rockshox recon solo air with lock out , rebound, disc only
Lx hollowtec chainset with external bb old stock but only 3 months old
Hope new style headset
Fsa oversized bars
Ritchey 100mm stem
Hope seat clamp
Halo combat wheelset the white one was used as a rim so Iv resprayed the outer , looks quite good but not professional
Deore shifters 530 and rear mech
Easton ea70 seat post
Sdg white saddle
Shimano 440 spd pedals
Avid juicy 3 brakes with 180 superstar rotor and tektro 160 rotor (not in pic but I do have them to put on )
The bike is in very good condition although been a mountain bike it does have the odd mark here and there , if u want more pics pls send me your email
Collection only and cash on collection viewing welcome

His eBay user id is:

If anyone has bought anything from him and hasn't received the items and there's no response please let me know and I will forward his Name, Address and Home & Mobile numbers onto you.

Good Luck and avoid PDC.




  • pdcpdc Posts: 443
    Right , I hold my hands up I did sell a wheel and about 3 days later decided to sell the whole bike , I was waiting over the weekend to see if the whole bike sold ! If it didn't then once the post office was open again I was then going to send the wheel
    Yes I should have refunded straight away when I knew I was selling the whole bike but I didn't want to loose the sale of the wheel so I hung on !!
    Iv made a mistake , who doesn't ? Your not telling me that everybody on here doesn't try and get the best they can for the right sale ?
    No one is perfect !
    If u look in my posts Iv been on here for years and sold hundreds of things , this is a one off and I HAVE not sold anything and kept the money as Liam seems to think so .
    As I said people do the wrong thing sometimes . Silly mistake ,people seem to forget how many sales and buys Iv done on here , and then start going off on one .
    I never set out to rip anybody off ! It's a genuine mistake
    Thanks Paul
  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    So is anyone out of pocket? Did PDC take too long to refund without adequate correspondence? I can't see what the problem is here.
  • pdcpdc Posts: 443
    yes i did take too long to refund on 2 occasions , i do have a life other than been on a bike forum ! forgive me for forgetting and forgive me for even trying to get the best deal,ie waitng to see if the whole bike sells, he seems to think i was going to scam him ! what he should have done is ask people if they know me or delt with me, not go slagging me off and threatning me !!!!
  • Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
    Here's my view on it and the timeline of events, judge for yourself.

    PDC advertises several parts on here including a Halo Combat Rim Laced to a Hope XC Hub on the 17th.
    I PM the guy as I was interested in the Front wheel on the 18th and after some messaging back and forth I paid for the wheel via Paypal Gift on the 19th and he promises that he will send the wheel off the following day. The first thing that I found unusual was that he then didn't mark the wheel as sold.
    So I then wait for three days and mail him asking if he has managed to send the wheel, receive reply saying wheel will be sent on the 23rd as he was unable to find a box large enough.
    The following day the 24th he lists several other items for sale on here
    And towards the bottom of the second post I noticed Lasty's comment about not receiving the items he paid for, so I start to look at PDC's previous posts and in the seller feedback section but couldn't find any info using the search function on this site. As I hadn't heard anything from him I e-mailed him about the wheel and didn't receive a response. So I PM'd Lasty and enquired about his previous dealings with PDC, and he messaged me back mentioning the problem he had and after some messaging back and forth he gave me the item number of the listing for the On-One which happened to have a number of parts advertised for sale on here including the Front Wheel that I had paid for several days earlier. From my point of view at that time and after receiving no response about the wheel in 24 hours I assumed rightly or wrongly that I had been ripped off. The earliest photo that was uploaded to his flickr account of the bike was on the 23rd so why didn't he just message me, apologise for giving me the run around and refund my money as he had changed his mind and was wanting to sell it as a full build rather than individual parts? And why did he list the other items which were part of the build on here on the same day he uploaded the listing to eBay? Correct me if I'm wrong but you can't sell the same thing twice (if your an honest seller) and if you decide to sell the bike as a whole you update your existing posts informing people that the parts you previously advertised are no longer available for sale. Perhaps the older I get the more cynical I become. @PDC I didn't slag you off or threaten you I merely highlighted that I had a problem, warning other people that they may be in the same situation and obtained the information I needed to sort the problem out. Maybe you can learn something from this and if you decide to change your mind once a deal has been struck, actually inform the buyer and refund their money rather than just string them along.


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