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Fat summer tires for a hardtail

lock1981lock1981 Posts: 546
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Currently running 2.35 swamp thing tyres and am looking forward to getting them off but need something to replace them with. Last years summer tyres were for my full sus and are only 2.2's. Really want something with for width and air to make the ride a little more comfortable. Currently riding a stiffee so not a lot of flex.

What options do I have for fat fast rolling tyres with some KNARLY side grip?

Ride manly woods and moor trails so something with Tread :)



  • I still swear by Continental X Kings 2.4 but Bontrager XR's in 2.35 are really good...
  • ProutsterProutster Posts: 785
    Just got some Kenda Slant Six 2.35" in Stick E for the rear on both the FS and Hardtail.

    First ride yesterday on the FS with it fitted and very impressed - you'll get some good cushioning along with enough grip for dry conditions and it felt much quicker than my winter rear Mud X.
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Maxxis Advantage are big and roll much faster than you would think. Highly recommended all rounders.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Ardent 2.25s are big floaty things. The width is accurate but they have tall flexible sidewalls and a shallow, fast-ish rolling tread. Good on everything from buff dry singletrack through to watery mud
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    I ran a 2.25 Crossmark on the rear of my 456 with a 2.4 Advantage (now run an Ardent though) on the front. Still use this combo on my Marin. Was a very good all round setup, good speed and gripped really well. Never found myself wanting more volume, was controlled enough and hardtails are never going to be the most comfortable anyway. If you want more comfort then I would say go for a dual ply Ardent or similar as it means you can run lower tyre pressures without it squirming all over the place and there is less chance of puncturing as well but this carries quite a weight penalty.

    The crossmark has a lot more cornering grip on the rear than a lot of people would have you believe, I have never felt out of control with it, just a few predictable and fun slides :D I would personally go for the Ardent over the Advantage but others would say different. I personally find that the Ardent grips better but what I found was the Ardent has to be leaned over more to get the most grip so is better for more aggressive riders whereas the Advantage can't be leaned over as much, if you lean it over as far as you do an Ardent it starts to get a bit skitterish. The Advantage is very good in loose rocks though so if you ride a lot of rocky stuff then go for the Advantage. The Advantage also has more braking grip than the Ardent.
  • lock1981lock1981 Posts: 546
    Thanks or the replys guys, been in my lbs and was told hans dampf were getting good reviews so got two for 50 quid I'll let yous know what they are like
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