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Puncture proof family biking??

JimbomooreyJimbomoorey Posts: 2
Hiya, first post so please go easy on me! Looking to make the towpath/bridleway side puncture repairs a thing of the past! It's no fun when we're all out and me the mrs or one of the kids bikes gets a flatty!

I'm after recommendations of the best and most cost effective options available. I have 4 bikes to do in one hit so cost does unfortunately come into it! Our general usage is weekend family rides on a mixture of surfaces, I also like to hit the trails when time allows!

Not sure if slime tubes, tubeless, diff tyres or summation else is the answer so all help appreciated. Cheers all!


  • u05harrisbu05harrisb Posts: 531
    long term solution would be to buy puncture resistant tyres as slime will eventually need replacing as they loose there effectiveness not to say that slimes not the best idea but really id look at what slimes for the family cost in comparison to new tyres for the family, plus if tyres can go to next bike if kids are on smaller size wheel bikes? if you could have the outlay though id go for tyres as its just a long term no faffing about 24/7 wheres as slimes will be okay for like a year or so then need replacing as they might have gone solid
  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,706
    I have not tried slime or slime-filled tubes. I rely on good tyres, which will last a long time if you keep them reasonably well inflated.

    I have Schwalbe Marathon on the 20" wheel Islabike, good for mixed surfaces but still rolls well on tarmac. On the road bike I'd nominate Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase. You can find either for about £15 online (the HS368 previous version of the Marathon is a little cheaper than the new 'Greenguard' HS420 version). If you want something with more offroad ability in 24", 26" or 700c try the Schwalbe Land Cruiser, which is apparently popular with 3 Peaks cyclocrossers.
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  • PovesPoves Posts: 23
    Good tyres will certainly be the best long term solution and I also rate the Schwalbe Marathons as mentioned already.

    Many punctures are caused by riding on under inflated tyres - so a free starting point is to ensure that all the tyres are nice and firm before you set off. If you haven't got a track pump - they're well worth investing in. Lidl were selling a quite reasonable one last week for under £5 - but normally you might have to spend about £15 for one that will be quite adequate. (ideally with a gauge and multi- head to fit different valves)
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    slime and slime filled tubes are the work of the devil and should be avoided at all costs. makes your bike feel slow and I'm not that sure how efffective they are anyway.

    Based on your "towpath/bridleway side" i guesing you are on mountain bike / hybrids rather tha road bikes.

    Definately recommend Schwalbe Land Cruiser - pretty cheap, decent grip off road, roll really well on tarmac due to clever tread pattern and seem to have good puncture resistance.

    I have a set on my old mtb which gets used as an occasional station hack and my daughter uses it if we go mtb-ing in the woods. tyres are great for both uses , its a cracking multi purpose tyre.
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