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Rain in sepang? Sunday morning thread

tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,242
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Morning throb ears

Up ready for the f1, looks like rain - hopefully not too much that it spoils the race

Running over to father in laws for the continuation of the wife's birthday - meal out no.3. Will have earned it though as its 16 miles. After that it is geek MBA work


  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,242
    The battle of the Sunday threads!
  • Hi Sweet Cheeks,

    Bit late I know, but I was up at 7 to watch the F1 and it didn't start till 9, :-(, so had coffee and crumpets (Pikelets) then had to go out for a jog round a park as you know, 47 mins for the full 6 mile btw. Came home to gardening, walking Kevin, watching the F1 off sky planner and drinking beer in the sun. Mrs is now attempting to poision me with a BBQ, lol.

    Good effort on the 16 and all the best to Mrs H

    Chat soon
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