Cycle crash damage question

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I have a question as have today cycled down a hill at a speed of over 40mph (somehow). :shock:

What would the extensiveness of the damage be or death, if I fell off of my bike at 40mph on a road :?:

I just want to know for common knowledge.

Thanks :mrgreen:
My god road cycling is scary! I'm going to keep my relaxing rides to the trails where everything is green, fast and less crazy.


  • Why not do it again, fall off, and report back? Make sure you wear a camera or get a mate to film it though.

    I reckon it would hurt a tad.
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    What would be the extensiveness of death?! Total death - I don't think you can achieve say, 70% death.

    If this is a serious question - it depends what you hit - you could land in soft mud with a splosh and just be bruised and dirty, you could go head first into a tree and break your neck - you'd probably be somewhere between the two.

    But I agree with Monkey - this hasn't been investigated fully, so please re-test and report back.
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    To put things into perspective I lost my best mate at no more than 32 MPH and he was wearing full leathers and a proper helmet.

    If you slide down the road its gonna hurt. If you hit something on the side of the road it may not