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CUBE LTD PRO 2010 Project ''Blue n' into the sea''

giannismagiannisma Posts: 3
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Hello Guys!

I Just joined your forum,I'd like to show you my project..It's Full Custom Made..

First of all i started with this bike for 500€ on 18th of May 2010
It had a very startup setup..So i had to upgrade! :twisted: :twisted:

I started with the brakes wich was the Shimano M575.Awful Brakes..for 146€ Incl.New Shifters..Lastly i sold them to buy Slx M665 For 99€ from a sale..Brand New..

After That i went to a Full Shimano Deore 27 SPEED Set...Cassete,New Shifters,Chain all costed about 90€

Some months later i bought the Shimano M590 DEORE Cranckset for 50€..He is perfect for 50€..

And lastly A Rock Shox Reba 2nd Hand was the last step!100MM SL Model 2010 with the problem with the stuck lockout for 150€..

At this time i had a bike wich was 13.2kg with pedals,speedometer and bottlecage..

I then looked for a new frameset...I Found the most beautiful frame i've ever seen..CUBE LTD PRO 2010 :twisted: :twisted: from a friend for 250€ Incl.Seat,-.-post,stem,handlebar,grips and headset..

Then the weight went down at 12.8kg...I was terrified..I had weight that my new frame was with headset and seat clamp 1655gr..Istead of 2055 of the other..Big Diferrence!

So the next step was to weight the wheels...Wheels (from the previous bike..)You felt that they were another bike at weight..

So i bought the...FULCRUM RED POWER XL 6 BOLT (I bought 6 bolt to avoid any ''play''from centerlock)1825gr with QR Levers and tape inside

Kenda Nevegal 2.35 tire folding Signature Series John Tomac..775gr
And Michelin Country trail(the worst tire i've ever seen)655gr Folding

Somedays After i won a vochure from worthing 50€..

I Bought some accesories and a set of blue cables..

After that i bought 2x Elite Bottlecage 4x KCNC Bolts for the stem and A Set of Bar Ends!

So this is my bike!At 11.2kg that's! My bike!



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