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New bike gearing

BoardmanboyBoardmanboy Posts: 24
edited April 2012 in MTB beginners
Please help! Ive just bought a Boardman Urban Mountain Bike Team for mainly fitness and I would prefer the gearing to allow more top speed, I just dont need the second chainring! Ive been told that the FSA Comet compact crank 42/27 is maxed out and a larger chainring is not available :(
At the rear is a 11-34-tooth 10-speed cassette and the BB is a FSA Mega Exo Bb-7000.

Assuming 11 tooth is the smallest you can go at the rear, am I right in thinking I need to change the whole crankset? What would fit? Would I also need to change the bottom bracket?
I know a road bike would've had the right gearing already but I wanted something with disc brakes and tougher wheels for the kerbs in my area!


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