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Can you help compare Ribble Stealth vs PX RT-57

carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
edited March 2012 in Road buying advice
I have a 56cm TT at the moment The Ribble is 56.5 and PX 55.5 - run a 90mm stem - think i could do with an extra 10mm.

Headtube on PX is shorter (150 vs 165.3) and I think thats what im looking for (currently have a 165). 72.6 HA on Ribble - 73.5 on PX, what are the effects on this, current bike has 72.

Im looking for something for cat 4 racing (roads and circuits), but also the odd sportive, lots training and even 70m round trip commute a few times a week dont bother with stuff like mudguards for that though. If its raining I take the car.

I think they are a similar weight and near enough similar price.

I have this in a 57 at the moment and it fits nicely its just flexy and heavy.

RIbble -

PX -

I think the PX with an extra 10 or 20mm stem sounds ideal. Any help or advice appreciated.
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