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william91william91 Posts: 2
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hi new to this forum and tried a few others and no fixes ,

i recently bought a saracen mantra ( 1 month old now ) over the past few weeks the front and rear brakes are causing a shudder through the whole bike, this happens mostly at slower speeds or coming to a stop.

i tried tightening mount bolts as tight as possible by hand, tried allingin pads with rotors,the rotors thereself look fine and not warped, also tightened bolts on the rotor itself nothing seems to work!

ive seen few websites suggesting glazed pads... any thougts? any advice would be great thanks.

the brakes are : Quad Nano hydraulic disc 160 mm pulse-2 rotors


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    contaminated pads.

    glazed pads.

    what have you done to the bike in the month you have had it?

    what do the pads look like?
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Could also try cleaning the rotors with some wire wool and brake cleaner. If you can remove the rotors, put them against a window and make sure they are flat - perfectly flat.
  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    nicklouse wrote:
    contaminated pads.

    glazed pads.

    what have you done to the bike in the month you have had it?

    what do the pads look like?

    poor quality pads tend to do this fast.
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  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    I would clean the disks very well, don't use steel wool, 3m scotchbrite or similar, don't want to scratch them too badly

    change brake pads, they are contaminated or the brake material is not bonded to the carrier shoe correctly, and can get them from as little as £5 a set on superstars - clean all the mounting bolts and bits, and use threadlok on these bolts

    and really really bed these new pads in good!

    after that the callipers could be faulty or the mounts to frame, some old gary fishers with that weird frame mount will always make noise (like my missus's bike)

    the vibration could also be loose wheel-bearings, cos there is movement somewhere when you use the brakes
  • OuijaOuija Posts: 1,386
    Just sounds like the rotors have road dirt and grease on them. They may look clean to the eye but run a bit of kitchen towel round them and i bet the towel doesn't come away clean. And that's only the road dirt. The slight bit of grease they collect is essentially invisible. So clean them and pop down to Halfords and get some of that citrus bike degreaser and spray some on the rotors and, leave it a few seconds and then wipe it off. Brakes will probably squeel a bit for the first half hour afterwards but will eventually settle down.

    Oh! And never, ever get any dirt or grease on the pads before they've bedded in and glazed over or it'll just soak into the pads and ruin them (the glazed surface that forms after bedding in effectively repels dirt and moisture, which is why bedding in is best done in the dry).
  • mrmonkfingermrmonkfinger Posts: 1,452
    £5 on glazed or contaminated pads.

    Pads can sometimes be rescued by sanding away the glaze.
  • Redhog14Redhog14 Posts: 1,377
    Had an issue like this and tried all sorts, traced it to a very slightly bent skewer, changed it and fixed it.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Can also be loose headset amongst other loose components. Components on a new bike may have loosened up as they bed in (or were never tightened properly in the first place).
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