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Hi guys, i was wondering if any of you could help me, i've been into mountain biking for a fair while now, but have recently started doing longer rides like 20/30 mile rides regularly and the next day my legs feel like led weights and i was wondering if there were any ways of maybe making them less achey/heavy feeling, or if i just need to keep at it until they are used to it. Cheers Matt


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    There are a few things that help (me)

    * stretching after a ride
    * recovery drink i.e Goodness Shakes or make your own with some milk.
    * cold water shower on the legs
  • It's called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It will go away eventually when your body adapts to it. A few things that will help are:

    self massage (foam rolling)
    static stretching (make sure you warm-up first)
    adequate nutrients (protein, fats and carbodhydrates)
    plenty of water

    Hope this helps!
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    Water.... lots of water...

    Bananas and making sure you eat a good carby and protien filled meal within about half an hour of finishing..

    ( i usually eat pasta or baked potato with tuna... )
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  • All of the above plus an easy recovery ride the day after... it should be flat, stick in the middle chain-ring and, if grannies are overtaking you on there shopping bikes, you're going the right speed. Just spin the legs like this for 30-60 mins and your legs will feel much better.
  • drink lots of water with fresh lemon squeezed in and bananas for the potassium.