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does the torch pass you by...

Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,508
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or will you let it pass you by...

the street by street details have been released.

It gets within 3 miles of our house- not surprising we have one of the highest incidences of cancer in the uk so obvious;y the last thing you need is the inspiration to take up sport - yay way to go Seb - but somehow its been wangled to send it right past Harry Middletons bike shop (the now exotically renamed Bike Lounge)- at 9 ocock in the morning- cant say seeing a nobody carrying a burning stick floats my boat though, although I would have gone to cheer on meanredspiders son....or anne widdicombe in a tracksuit...a tight one....
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  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    It goes right past the end of my road.
    If I knew someone taking part, I could get interested but otherwise, meh.

    I understand that for others it is much more important than to me and good for them. Really.
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
  • Goes directly past my house and its being carried by a friend of mine, so I'm having the day off work.

    I just hope the road doesn't get jam packed with 'them pesky kids!!'
  • nevmannevman Posts: 1,611
    Er,no-we seem to be at the centre of avoidance (shrugs.)Also,dont know anyone scheduled on the day here (29 June) and some of the bearers are from outside the County??At least one of the photos must be wrong,Richard is definitely not a young girl.
    Seems to be an exercise for local media and Londophobics to feel involved.
    Whats the solution? Just pedal faster you baby.

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  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
    Passes the end of my road as well.

    Be something to take the kids to see.
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Gazzaputt wrote:

    Be something to take the kids to see.

    Nah - bollox to that.

    We were in Old London Taaaawn when it came through Chinatown for the last Olympics - me holding a bright red pushchair with my 3 year old daughter in it standing in the middle of the pavement waiting for it to come past, chatting away - next thing I know some fascist Babylon thinking he's in Ulster comes runing up and starts to push the pushchair out of the way - sideways nearly rolling it over, gives me a load of abuse and stands right in front of us.

    Daughter and I take two steps sideways, stand right next to him distinctly unimpressed.

    Torch run was tat as well.

    Theoretically it could be really good, but you know that Babylon is going to mess it up for everyone.

    Think I'll be giving it a miss and taking them out somewhere nice instead.
  • mudcow007mudcow007 Posts: 3,861
    aye it goes right past my house supposedly a women from Lanarkshire is running with it!?
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  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    It passes within about a mile of my place. I may head down to watch.
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  • zippypablozippypablo Posts: 398
    It passes the end of my street on a Sunday. I'll walk that 100m to let the kids see it.
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  • I live near Dorney Lake (rowing venue), so its a bigger deal here. Its coming by "convoy" (as in, in a car - WTF?) into our village and to Dorney Lake itself, although the route is actually down the A4 Bath Rd between Slough & Maidenhead.
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Might have an extended lunch break to walk up the road to see it go through town.
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