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Wife added fabric softener to cycling jersey

Foxtrot OscarFoxtrot Oscar Posts: 30
edited March 2012 in The bottom bracket
Hi all

As per the title, my wife added softener to my bike gear load.

I was wondering whether or not this causes long term damage to the ' technical fabric', or just clogs up the fabric until the next time it's washed correctly. Does anyone know, as I've Googled to no avail. I just found lots of people saying 'don't do it' rather than stating why or the long term implications. The top is only a week old and cost £50 so I'll be peed off if it's wrecked, especially since I've told her not to add softener to any of my bike gear :x :) .

Before anyone says 'do it yourself next time', I intend to :D .


  • AggieboyAggieboy Posts: 3,996
    "There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, t'would be a pity to damage yours."
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 25,178
    It ll be fine, just wash it again (if at all)
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • morstarmorstar Posts: 5,717
    Fo your world has come to an unseemly end.
    Or maybe not!
    Technical fabrics aren't rocket science, they have characteristics of both the material and the weave that encourage moisture transfer. Your conditioner basically leaves a residue on the fabric which makes it all soft and lovely but does not facilitate wicking.
    A few washes and it should be back to normal and collecting smells like only synthetics can.
    Be grateful it wasn't a waterproof.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    Aggieboy wrote:

  • Thanks guys! Sounds like my wife is safe from the fist...

    (for now)

    [Kidding white knighters]
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