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Bontrager 24/12

RanklesRankles Posts: 144
edited March 2012 in XC and Enduro
Probably a bit early for this but as a lot of the solo cats are selling fast thought I'd start a thread.

Anyone entered yet? First time? Past experiences?

It'll be my first time doing anything remotely like it, and have entered the 12 hour daytime solo. Looking forward to it - and all my training this year has this event in mind. Bring it on!


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 20,528
    I ve only done it as part of a team, but it's one of the best events I ve ever done. The course is always a proper riders course rather than just a long cyclocross course, the tracks are good (as no one ever rides on them because it's a private estate - Cottage return descent is just epic, even after 6-7 times)

    It's well organised, good fun and usually well attended. I can't recommend it enough basically! The only trouble is that there is that Plymouth is not very central, but as I'm from there I can combine it with a visit home, it's worth it. This will be the first time I ve missed it for 4 years, and I'm sad :(
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    - @ddraver
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