Inner tubes.

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I need to buy some new inner tubes 700c 25

Which are the best and the most puncture resistant!


  • danlikesbikes
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    Depends on your definition of best as they always are compromise between light weight, faster and more prone to puncture Vrs heavy weight, slower, less prone to puncture. Plus you tend to pay more for less in terms of road bikes you want less material and less weight you pay more.

    To be honest I doubt that most people can tell the difference on inner tubes as most road bike punctures are caused by road items making their way through the tyre, as opposed to pinch flats which are more common on mountain bikes which run lower pressure. If its puncture resistance your looking for you should consider changing your tyres to a more heavier duty type. As for brand/make take your pick there are loads out there and whatever I like you might get 1,000 people state they can not stand them for whatever reasons.
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  • rpd_steve
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    TBH 90% of all puntures are from objects punturing through the tyre & tube not a pinch provided you have your tyres pressures correctly for your weight and dont race into cattle grids...

    If something is sharp enough to make it through 4mm of tough tyre will the differance between a 0.8 and 1mm tube make any differance? I think either is a gonner. I use Spesh 'turbo'/thin tubes, not because I think they make me go faster, but @ 100g each loghter than a thick tube you can notice the differance when you have 4 on board (2 in tyres & 2 spairs). Mabay not in the ride/speed, but you do if you need to carry your bike up stairs to your flat :-)
  • ddraver
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    I ve used spesh, conti, BBB and Vittoria ones before now and they re all much of muchness...saw a bit in mag saying that the vittoria ultralight are a good balance between lightweight and longevity so I'm going to try them next

    Whatever you choose, buying them in bulk off the net is always cheaper.
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  • bobones
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    I like the Michelin Air Comp Ultralights. They're around 75g each so not as light as Conti Supersonics (55g) but they're not anywhere near as fragile and are substantially lighter than normal tubes. I also prefer their smooth barrel to tubes with threaded barrels.