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Genesis Croix de Fer - or ???????

timboothtimbooth Posts: 160
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I am having to consolidate my bikes from 5 to 2. This means I need a workhorse for commuting/shopping/touring/towpaths/general transport.

The best I have come up with so far is the Genesis Croix de Fer - not perfect, but ticks a lot of boxes.

I need: comfort but also some speed; mudguards; racks; Shimano gears, decent mud clearance.

I would like: steel frame/forks; disc brakes; drop bars

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to the Genesis - asked LBC and they simply pushed what they had - Ridgeback Panorama (not sprightly enough) or Whyte hybrid (alu frame, flat bars, no rack-fittings).



  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    Well, the Croix is versatile, comfortable, well made and just a very very good bike. Stick decent slicks on and mudguards and it's extremely versatile.

    It's also very heavy. But, that doesn't matter at all if it's fast.

    So, how fast can it go.

    Well, this was quite fast.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,042
    The Croix de Fer is an excellent bike and nowadays the only one I use, summer and winter. I heve built a set of lighter disc wheels... roughly 1 Kg lighter than those it comes with, without compromising on durability (still 32 spokes, just lighter rims, spokes and hubs)... combined with decent road tyres... well today we did 50 miles with 800 mt of climbing at an average of 18.1 mph... that gives you an idea of how fast you can push the CdF.

    If you plan to use it for commuting only, I would recommend the lower maintenance Genesis Day One Alfine... hub gears are not for fast sunday rides, but perfect for commuting.

    Budget for a set of road tyres at least... the cross tyres they com with are just not to be used on roads
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  • nathancomnathancom Posts: 1,567
    Charge bikes are worth looking at as a cheaper alternative but Genesis are better.
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    See the Jamis Bassa Nova as well. Comes with mud guards. Same concept as the CdF - a steel touring/cx bike with discs. Ridgeback (is this the same company as Genesis?) have one as well, can't remember the name.

    Specialized make a cross-roads with discs now too.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,042

    Specialized make a cross-roads with discs now too.

    I have seen the Specialized Tricross disc, at £ 900 with an aluminum frame and sora groupset doesn't compare with the CdF, which offers a way more durable steel frame and Tiagra groupset for little more.
    The Jamis is very sweet instead, makes a lot of sense

    This is my self built CdF... 10.3 Kg instead of the 12.6 Kg of the "off the peg" one

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