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A challenge...

popeye87popeye87 Posts: 12
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Im 80% sold on buying a cannondale SL1 (2011) for £750. Seems like a fair price for this bike but I was wondering whether anybody could find a better bike for similar price?

Things to bare in mind:
1) Max £900 budget (inc delivery, west midlands based for collection)
2) Preferably 0% finance (not essential though)
3) Provide link to shop and bike
4) Used mainly for commute (6 miles to and throw) but also weekend warrior trail riding
5) Preferably a hardtail due to commute and available money...

NOTE: Yes I have scoured the shops for offers but being a relatively newb to the bike scene, though doing my research, I still feel swamped and not enlightened enough to make this decision without YOUR advice!!!


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