Wobbling cassette on freehub body

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I bought a 12-25T 10sp Campagnolo Chorus cassette from a guy on ebay. It appears to be in very good condition with very little teeth wear but when I put it onto the freehub and tighten the lockring to the recommended torque the cassette still seems to be loose and is wobbling slightly on the freehub. The cassette is sitting correctly on the freehub, prior to the tightening of the lockring, as I compared its position (once all the pieces and spacers are put on) to that of the old cassette having put it back on to check I had done everything correctly.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it is like this or is it common for there to be some play in the cassette?

Anyone have any suggestions

Thank you


  • furrag
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    Checked the documentation on the Campag website to make sure that he included adequate spacers?
  • brucey72
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    Yes, that was the first place I checked and everything was included. It appears to sit in exactcly the same position on the freehub before tightening the lockring as my previous cassette which is why I don't understand the movement.
  • brucey72
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    Problem solved :-) I required an additional spacer behind the cassette which was supplied by Mavic with my wheels. I don't know why my old Centaur casette didn't need it but its working now and that all thats important