Olympic Park

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Like many i lucked out with the Olympics and bagged ZERO tickets.

I would however i still like to visit the Olympic Park throughout the games to savour the atmosphere and to watch the events on the big screens.

One question that i can't seem to find the answer to is as to whether the park will be open access i.e no Olympic ticket needed or ONLY open to tickets holders.

I realise airport security will be at the entrance points and entry would be restricted to manage overcrowding etc.

Has anyone else here had the same question and managed to find out??


  • cifcdano
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    Don't think there's anything official yet but looks like it will be a ticket only deal to enter the Olympic park, these tickets will not include access to any sports

    http://www.metro.co.uk/olympics/890872- ... to-be-sold
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    Makes you sick really to think we have paid millions for this and they still want to milk us for a few more £ to buy tickets to watch big screens in Hyde Park, I'm surprised they didn't just go the whole hog and make it pay per view on Sky!!
  • cifcdano
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    Going to cost a fortune for security, it's one of those that if you really want to go you'll cough up if not they'll be other places to watch