Riding in the rain

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I tend to ride in the rain in my normal gear but just with a Gore waterproof. My legs/tights/feet/head get soaked. Is this what everyone else does? Or are there waterproof tights or something? What do people wear in the rain?


  • godders1
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    You can get water repellant lycra (eg lusso repel).

    I personally just wear stuff that stays warm and comfortable even when wet (i.e. lycra and other close fitting wicking fabrics).
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    I don't try and stay dry, I just try to keep comfortable. Good waterproof clothing keeps the rain out to a degree, long periods of rain will see rain going down your neck, into your shoes etc. But i find most of it comes from sweat, i can get wetter from sweat in waterproofs than I would with normal windproofs. So that's what I look for, a good lightweight windproof jacket or gilet, good arm and leg warmers. either winter boots or my normal shoes (mtb) and merino or sealskin socks. going off the sealskins as they can get too sweaty.
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    Legs: Last time I checked skin was waterproof
    Tights: huh?
    Feet: Overshoes
    Head: As per legs
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    Luxury! :D
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    You're going to get wet from sweating anyway, the trick is to get wet and stay comfortable. So for sweatly summers, you need wicking clothing. For cold wet winters, you need clothes that keep you warm.
  • unixnerd
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    Neoprene overshoes work wonders, lovely and warm too.

    I carry a light shower proof jacket that folds up very small. Not much use in a prolonged downpour but fine otherwise.
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  • damo2576
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    Actually overshoes is a good idea - only thing i didnt really like was my shoes filling up with water
  • I just wear clothes that will be comfortable even though itll be wet. Spend long enough in the rain and even the best waterproofs will not stop the rain getting to your underlayers! Wicking layers and comfort are #1.
  • rick_chasey
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    The only reason rain is a problem re-clothing is because it makes you cold - if your legs aren't cold when it rains, then it's fine.
  • ilm_zero7
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    dont ride in the rain - it is too bloody dangerous
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    g00se wrote:
    You're going to get wet from sweating anyway, the trick is to get wet and stay comfortable. So for sweatly summers, you need wicking clothing. For cold wet winters, you need clothes that keep you warm.

  • dennisn
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    I'm with the guys who say wet is wet and trying to stay dry in the rain is sort of hopeless. However COLD and rain is a whole other animal. I've been out in it when cold rain hit and you can usually survive with a waterproof shell and standard tights because most of the cold rain is kept off your upper body and what does leak in gets warmed somewhat(keep moving-preferrably towards home). Key words being cold, rain, and survive. Notice "enjoyment" is not any part of cold rain.
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    Rain is fine to ride in. As the others have said so long as you're warm - that's the important thing.

    I do have my rear LED on if it's a foul day.
  • keef66
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    I'm like the OP; Gore waterproof top, get wet elsewhere but don't mind. I do have some neoprene overshoes that keep my feet warm and repel the worst of the splashes, but they aren't waterproof.

    What I do have is full length proper mudguards. These help a lot!
  • racingcondor
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    I've always found that anything waterproof isn't breathable enough so you just get soaked from sweat.

    These days if I know it's going to rain I knock 3-4 degrees C off the weather forcast temperature and dress for that instead of the actual temperature.