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SKS P35 Chromoplastic Fitting

dee4life2005dee4life2005 Posts: 773
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I bought these to fit to my Boardman Hybrid Comp, and while there is plenty of clearance for them etc. I'm having a few issues fitting them - mainly due to the useless instructions that are provided. After searching t'internet it seems I'm not the only one to fall foul of the instructions and fitting issues. for example, it tells you to check that all the parts are there before you start - good, except it doesn't give you a parts list to check against :x

My bike has disc brakes, and the position of the mudguard stays means bending one of them around the capiler - should be easy enough to do. My main problem is that they are provided with two "Secu-Clip" for the front mounting stays (came already fitted to them). They don't fit on the side with the disc brake in place as one of the brake caliper mounting bolts is in the way. Is there any harm in removing the "secu-clip" and securing that side without it ? Or should I fit both sides without ? Or just return them for a refund ?



  • TommyEssTommyEss Posts: 1,855
    The secu-clips are brilliant for front guards as if anything gets caught in them the guards pop off instead of the wheel stopping dead and sending you over the bars. I tried to fit them to m girlfriend's hybrid with discs and failed miserably - I reckon you could do it with some bending, but it was never quite right so I binned the front one. One secu-clip is better than none I'd have thought, as it will still let the guard pop off to some extent.
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  • draysdrays Posts: 119
    I have the same bike, with SKS Bluemels guards. I fitted the disk side front stay to the upper bolt of the brake caliper using the secure stay thingy. I neded a longer bolt for the brake caliper (which I had in my spares box) and I bent the stays slightly round the brake.
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  • Thanks for the replies. That's a good shout about using the upper bolt for the brake caliper - never thought about that. Will give this a try as I'd rather have both SecuClips fitted.
  • Finally, I've got them fitted :D [ once I ignored the instructions it was a doddle to fit, still took about an hour though to get everything tweaked ]

    Didn't have a long enough bolt in my spares box to be able to fit the front one using the upper break caliper mounting - so had to forego the secure-clip on one side. Pretty major bend needed in one of the mudguard stays to allow it to clear the brake caliper and it was then only just long enough :shock:

    I can post up pics of final fitting if anyone is interested ?
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    I we need a series of "My SKS Fitting" to illustrate the variety of bends. My LBS fitted secuclips and bent the stays to route both under the brake calipers.
  • The rear mudguard was straight-forward to fit on my Boardman Performance Hybrid Comp.

    The front on the other had was a little "tricky". Had to ditch the secu-clip for the side with the brake caliper.


    The bike has 700 x 28c tyres and there isn't much clearance around the tyre, which I expected, and have done 2 x 20 mile rides and had no rubbing issues so far apart from the occasional larger stone that gets picked up by the tyre.
  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
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