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Little treats..

Jonnycrawford7Jonnycrawford7 Posts: 56
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Hopefully picking my first road bike up tomorrow (caad8 tiagra) and i am in need of a little help and a few suggestions for some extra things i may need. Trying my hand on the road after a many a year slogging around on a mtb.

I've got my pedals, shoes, bib shorts, jersey, helmet and of course my bike sorted, but im wondering if im missing any road cycling necessities? What do you guys take out on the road with you? any spares, tools or other bits of kit ive forgot?

Last of all gps or just a bog standard computer? any recommendations?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks for the forthcoming help! JC
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  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501
    Water bottles and cages?
  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    First off, welcome to road cycling!

    A good seat pack is a useful place to store tubes, tyre levers, mini-tool etc. I'm a big fan of the Lezyne micro caddy which stores the lot and still looks small.

    Might be worth a mini-pump you can tuck into your jersey, some prefer C02 canisters (me included).

    Computer or GPS - really down to you on that front and what you want it to do (and budget of course). If you are not too bothered by routing maps you can save a fortune by opting for a basic computer.
  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501
    Padded mitts
  • Christ, bottles and cages of course! Im used to bloody camelbaks. Sunnies i can draft across from the mtb stuff, but i do need mitts!

    I think ill order a micro caddy, look smart. C02! ill have to do my homework on that. Nah i dont think i'll be too fussed on routing maps, basic computer it is! Cheers guys thanks for the help. Anything else?
    2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp

    2012 Cannondale Caad8 Tiagra
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    Money for a Macchiato
  • and a caramel shortcake obviously!
    2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp

    2012 Cannondale Caad8 Tiagra
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    Flapjack ffs!
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    Go into the shop and buy EVERYTHING... and you still won't have enough.. so find another LBS to clear out afterwards!
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    A non peaked helmet. A peak will give you neck ache.
    Allen keys, two tubes, levers, pump. Sorted.
  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501
    edited March 2012
    Probikekit has bottle and cage sale at the moment I believe.

    Watch buying saddle bags with Velcro they can eat your brand new Lycra shorts (speaking from experience gained)

    Another thing, research well before you buy kit, read reviews etc, when I started I bought cheap (mini pump, tools etc) then had to buy the good items all again (i then bought a Lezyne mini pump etc) the old adage buy cheap, buy twice is a good one.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Lexyne sell a saddlepack that comes with decent tools, levers and patches - it'll be cheaper than buying them all seperately (unless you've got a few from the MTB dark side).

    With the mini-pump, get a decent one as it's difficult to get 100psi with a cheapy. Again, Lezyne do good ones.

    Lights? I like these: they're tiny and bright.
  • DonutDadDonutDad Posts: 104
    GPS versus normal computer?

    You have to look at to see what can be done with a gps, it's awesome. And Free.
    Your rides sync to your (free, with email registration only) account and show you maps, elevation profiles and all the other data you can imagine. you can compare your rides (and times) with other local riders who have ridden the same sections - it gets really addictive. You can friend people and train together - in a virtual sense.

    Other such sites are undoubtedly available... :wink:

    You don't need to fork out for a gps unit straight away either, if you have a smartphone. Just download the free app and you're away. I'm using my phone to try out the gps thing for a while before deciding on a unit, the only downside is it eating your phone battery, which you might need in an emergency. Not a problem on shorter rides though.

    I'm hooked.
  • nickellisnickellis Posts: 239
    +1 on the sunnies. I ride in glasses whatever the weather. Grit in the eye while flying down a col is not fun :shock:
    Try and use a pair with interchangable lenses. Clear for night, yellow for flat light etc.

    +1 for coffee money
    +1 any kind of flapjack
    I carry a bag of fruit pastels on a long ride too.
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  • Thanks for all the help guys, havent replied as ive been out riding! Love it, cant believe how much im enjoying it. My Stumpjumper hasnt left the garage since the caad8 arrived. Still struggling with the lycra tho, give me a pair of baggies anyday!
    2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp

    2012 Cannondale Caad8 Tiagra

  • Last of all gps or just a bog standard computer? any recommendations?

    How about bog standard GPS for £80?
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