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Stolen Specialized Rockhopper - Cardiff Central

edited March 2012 in MTB stolen
On monday my bike was stolen from Wood St, just outside the Cardiff Bus ticket office in Cardiff central, it was locked to a bike stand, I actually saw the guy breaking the lock but as I was a distance away I shouted and ran towards him, but he jumped on the bike and rode off down a back street, I gave chase but obviously was unable to catch up. A Cardiff Bus memeber of staff outside the back entrance of the ticket office tried to grab him when he realised what was happening but he didn't quite manage to get a grip! The police were able to look on CCTV cameras in the area and have seen the incident but cannot get facial ID>
The bike was a Specialized Rockhopper in blue, I did make a note of the ID number but of course...have lost it!! It had a sticker on the cross bar covering a chip which said 'REEF' it also had the metalic sticker of the shope I bought it from - Summit Cycles in Aberystwyth. This incident shook me because I caught him in the act, and it was so frustrating to come so close to stopping it from happening!! ARRRhhhgghhh!!!! The guy looked like a typical junky, police were pretty good, drove me around for a while trying to see if we could ID him and the bike but no good! Any information is good, but I guess I can kiss the bike goodbye..... :-(


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