creaking noise when pedaling

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i have a creaking noise when pedaling.the noise i come from the crank area. i check the chain+check seat post+grease seat rails+check pedals.put my road pedals back on.check wheel are set in right and tight when i roll the bike no creak noise but when pedaling creaking noise start.but the bike on my work stand turn the pedals run ok.i hope i not Bottom Bracket. i have not check the crank bolt i do have the right tools for that.any info please.the bike is 6 month old a super six 105. a trip to the bike shop


  • Wirral_paul
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    If you have the tools then personally i'd strip and rebuild the crankset / bottom brackets. Use grease on all threads including the bottom bracket into the frame, crankset axle etc. Also worth removing the chainring bolts and greasing those up and refitting too.
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    Know it might seem funny, but remove handlebar stem bolts - the ones which hold the bars on, clean the threads, grease them and replace properly torqued up. Have had this on several occasions - it sounnds like bb - it creaks when you pull on the bars (you don't realise how much you do pull on the bars when pedalling!) :D