puncture proof inner tubes

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Has anyone had any experience with slime tubes? are they a gimmick or do they work?


  • I have a SLIME tube on the rear of my commuting bike (~20 miles a day up and down CS7 in London). Got my first puncture with it after 2 months and couldn't believe the amount of flint and glass that was bedded in the tyre. Fixing the puncture was a simple as picking-out all the debris and reinflating.
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    I use slime tubes got my first puncture at the weekend and the slime did not work at all it made a right mess inside the tyre when I took it off which was a pain at the side of the road.

    I dont know if its in my head or not but the front of the bike feels odd since I have put these in, would be interested to know if anyone has experinced this.
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    Get decent puncture resistent tyres - Conti 4 season, Schwalbe marathon plus etc- and leave the slime to the slugs and toads. It just adds a load of unecessary weight to your wheels for little extra benefit
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    Firstly, puncture-proof is a misnomer - puncture resistant at best. The only puncture-proof tyre is made from solid rubber, weighs and ton and feels awful to ride. The best puncture protection is provided by a tyre like a Schwalbe Marathon Plus and regular inner tubes.
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  • I use slime liners on my mountain bike and, while not perfect (and a pain to fit) they make a *big* difference to the number of punctures I get - almost none over the winter despite all the hawthorns and stuff on the trails round here. I'd recommend them over the horrible goop.

    On the road bike I use Rubinos which seems to be holding up well - no punctures in about 800 miles so far this year.