Deraileur hanger adjust without tool?

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I recentely gave up on trying to fix a rear deraileur issue myself and put it in lbs - this upset me on so many levels (not just financial :!: :cry: ). They diagnosed and fixed a bent deraileur and hanger. I had suspected that was the issue but couldn't justify to myself (nor my wife) the cost of buying a deraileur hanger checking/adjustment tool. So ... now wondering if;
a) anyone has succesfully done this without the tool or
b) with a DIY alternative?

for minor misalingments (if it was major I am sure I could see it and bend it by hand I am thinking here of those minor misalingments that spoil shifting but are not of MTB crash and bash proportions) ?


  • nicklouse
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    As the thread is the same as a shimano rear hub axel you can remove he mech and screw in a spare rear wheel. This give a great guide and tool for sorting out the hanger.
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  • That seems like genius - may I check though just to be sure I understand the steps -

    1) fit axle of spare wheel to where the mech would go on the hanger -
    2) you can then eyeball easily if the extra wheel fixed to the hanger is parralel to the real rear wheel and
    3) use the extra wheel (gently) as a lever if needed to adjust hanger?

    If that's right it sounds easy and superbly simple!
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    I'm kind of assuming you're talking about bending steel frames with the integral hanger?

    Not sure I'd trust an alloy hanger that had been bent and straightened
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    *slight* adjustment of an alloy hanger is ok, even a new one may need a tweak to get best alignment

    but if it's been bent much, best to replace
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  • It was re an alloy hanger on an alloy frame I was asking about and yes its only a very slight adjustment - so slight that while I think I can see it is straighter now I couldn't really see any clear problem before - it certainly works way better now. I am guessing the extra wheel method would show any misalingment more clearly as one could compare the rims on the two wheels are parralel? The thing I am not sure of is there is so little axle protruding how do you fix it to the hanger?
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    normally there is 4-5mm that is all that is needed.
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  • Many thanks nicklouse ! that's how much there is on the spare tiagra rear wheel I have so I can be independant of lbs on another bike job - very happy :D
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    just be careful. or if you wish you could move the axel through more but then you would have a wheel that would need sorting before being usable.

    but it is good to know that the shimano axels are 10X1mm (rear) other makes may not be.
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  • Cheers defo will be careful and wouldn't want to move the axle unless I had to - hopefully it will just be a very very occasional job though only done rarely to check alingment if RD shifting gets ropey again (fingers crossed!)