Replacement cables the bikes like new

ricey155 Posts: 233
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Ok so im a newbie bike mechanic never touched a bike and never touched my Orbea for 2 years

after the winter it ran like a bag of pooo, bought some teflon coated cables from the bay or E :mrgreen:

£3 all in and im amazed its like having a new bike the gears are brand new and sweet as a nut

pound for pound the best money you can spend get it done and for something that looks hard is amazingly easy which is a bonus

more riding to be done :D

52 miles today decent start to the week


  • danlikesbikes
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    Amazing what a small change can make, just make sure you keep the cable inners clean and lubricated and they should remain smooth shifting for ages
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • BigLee1
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    I agree, my bike cables have lasted 6 months before an upgrade to XTR :D
  • ricey155
    ricey155 Posts: 233
    silly putting it off for so long for such a small amount of money

    never put it off get it replaced ASAP