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Can anyone recommend a good site for information on interval training for aerobic fitness?

I don't think that I'm making the best out of my time with my DIY intervals so want to get some proper tried and tested training plans.

I've done a quick google and not really found anything


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    What do you want to achieve? It's not as simple as "doing x intervals makes you faster".
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    I'm trying to increase my fitness for longer rides and endurance events (CRC Mountain Marathons etc...) later on in the year. I want to be fitter so I'll enjoy the rides more and not just worrying about making it to the end in once piece.

    Due to Crohn's disease flare-ups in recent months I’ve not been able to put in the miles over the winter and I am in nowhere near as fit I would hope I would be.

    Becuase of work commitments I am only able to head out on the bike at the weekend at the moment. So in the week It’s a combination of turbo trainer and gym.

    I am planning on doing longer and harder rides at the weekend but I want to make the most out of the time I spend on the turbo and gym.
  • SImple answer...

    If you have HRM then very easy to do, if not, heres a way.

    Find a hill(for running no more than 1 min to climb, for bike around the same though might want 2-3mins)

    Run/Bike sprint up hill full pace, max effort, once at top come back down slowly to recover,

    Repeat probably feel ill at the end but you will get fitter by doing this, as hill reps are by far the best way to increase fitness in the shortest possible time.

    Doing interval training is very much doing high intencity for a set amount of time with a short recovery followed by high intencity reps ie 10x 400 mtrs with 200 mtr recovery per rep....Or have a longer interval ie 1200mtr with a full recovery per rep for more endurace forcus.

    you bassically trying to push up your lactic threshold by having short recoveries after each rep.
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    I'm going to give this ago tonight:

    15 minutes – Warm up (increasing intensity)
    5 x (4min high intensity + 2min low intensity)
    5 minutes cool down

    I think I'm going to got for about 90% of my max heart rate (which is about 164bpm) for the high interval segments.
  • just a little tip./change slightly to that

    warmup 10-15min jog getting into normal run speed towards end. MUST do dynamic streatching, very important before high intensity work, ie leg swings ect.

    10x 2 min at high intensity,( not sprint but a fast pace ie unable to talk to someone but able to breath..just:P)

    Recover for 30 secs per rep jogging slowly and control breathing before next rep.

    Cool down 10mins . happy days:)

    (i say that as 4 mins is quite a long time for "high intensity" and more likely you wont push yourself for the whole 4 mins thus wont get the same results compared to doing 10x2 mins where you more likely to push through to the whole 2 mins) recovery you want very short so you not "fresh" before going on the next rep, this pushes up latic thresshold.
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