cadence and gear ratios

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I'm sure this is easy for someone to work out, but i dont even know how to begin to calculate it.

What i'm trying to do is up my cadence on climbs, but I tend to find with a higher cadence I dont maintain the same power and therefore slow. I'm thinking if I can calculate the required cadence between gears to maintain the same speed that would help me to get the feel of it, and maintain my speed whilst being more efficient on longer climbs.

So what im trying to work out is the difference in cadence between gears, does anyone know?

For example, if im mashing in 6th gear at 50rpm doing 15mph - if I change up what cadence would I need to stick to to keep the same speed, i.e 60rpm etc..

Presumably there is a fixed ratio, but I have no idea how to work it out! :-)

Thanks in advance.


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    Unless you run a single ring it's very difficult because the gears are nowhere near sequential. So '6th gear' is totally meaningless.

    Play with Sheldon Brown's gear calculator, that has an option for speed at a certain cadence to give an idea of the differences.
  • Thanks, i'll check that out, looks like just what I was after.