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Best hardtail for £800?

starbuckstarbuck Posts: 256
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Someone at work is going to get a bike via the bike to work scheme and has £800 to spend.

He wants some recommendations on a bike that's good for singletrack/trail riding (think south downs type riding).

There's been a lot of talk of 29'ers recently and I know they're coming down in price, and I'm wondering if this is the best way for him to go.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a great hardtail for the money?
Is 29 the best choice?
The bike itself prob would need to be around £700-800 as he would need to get a helmet and lock as well (although if there is a great bike for £800, I would try and persuade him to spend all the £800 on the bike and pay for the helmet/lock himself).


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