The simple things in life...

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Beautiful day outside, took my four year old out on his bmx and heard an almighty bang as the tyre popped. Weve spent the last half an hour in the garden taking the bike to bits to fix it, half an inch hole in the tyre as well (patched up on the inside using the cardboard from a lucozade multipack folded and wrapped in cling film) then put it back together again. The little man got involved with unscrewing the nuts and bolts using spanners and the puncture repair kit etc. and he's now beaming from ear to ear with the sense of achievement from half an hours graft and a patched up tyre / tube! Will inevitably have to get a new inner tube & tyre but he's over the moon bless him and is now playing "bike mechanic" in the garden :)
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    Nice work!

    6yo Thing1 has washed her bike a few times. Changed pedals. Adjusted handlebars. Put rear rack and panniers on. Getting them involved really does provide a sense of ownership and pride.

    3yo Thing2 has even put up the seat on her runbike, as well as add stickers/decals etc.

    (Of course, Daddy did the high-torque elements of all of the above).
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