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Big Red Bike Ride

JcrosslandJcrossland Posts: 29
edited March 2012 in Tour & expedition
Hi all

I will be undertaking my first consecutive day tour in Ireland in June. We are cycling 600 miles in 8 days for autistic children. Although it wont be 100 miles each day there are 5 days where it is between 70 - 100miles per day. I have done a few 100milers in one day events but never consecutive days and i am a little worried.

Can anyone give some tips and or training advice? As of march 7th covering 120miles a week commute with a 40mile ride thrown in on my days off. I will be looking to increase this upto June.

Thanks in advance



  • random manrandom man Posts: 1,518
    It sounds as if you're preparing yourself well. You ride distances regularly already so the main issue you'll notice is the lack of recovery time between rides.
    The lactic acid will build up in your thighs but it's worst when you walk - while you're riding you don't really notice it too much.
    600 miles in 8 days is not excessive so don't worry about it, just get on and enjoy it, you'll feel amazing when you finish and you'll soon be planning another, and it's all for a very good cause.

    I've just had a look at your blog and you've done a hell of a lot of work to lose weight - well done! The route in Ireland will be brilliant.
  • Cheers :D

    Really looking forward to it and the planning of the next adventure!
  • random manrandom man Posts: 1,518
    Also, take chamois cream or Savlon - you'll need it! :wink:
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