CHAIN GANG - East London

Does anybody know of any Chain Gangs operating in the (East) London area?

Post up or pm me if you do.



  • d4v1da
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    I stay in North East London during the week and would also be interested if you find anything. I have been out with the Islington club - nice group and good ride, but not very convenient for me.
  • shirley_basso
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    Regents Park have several clubs based there. CC London, Islington and several others all based nearby.
  • Elmers End. Mainly Dulwich but other clubs and riders join in as it is open. Used to run Tues/Wed/Thurs but I think has trimmed to just Wed.

    I tend to only do the summer route, circa 60km. All over in two hours. Normally 2 - 3 groups. Fast group is generally CAT1/2 standard, second group 3/4. Last group is steady and under 30kmph and there is an even slower group for beginners that starts somewhere else. It is a trip around the North downs so a couple of climbs. Be careful in the fast group, occasionally a couple of Elite/Semi-pro girls turn up and smash everyone to pieces. In the first two groups if you can't hack the pace you get dropped and then tag into the next group.

    Meets Elmers End by the garage at 7pm on a Wednesday: ... 435895,19z