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simonp123simonp123 Posts: 490
edited March 2012 in MTB buying advice
Anyone been to any of the Giant stores (and no I don't mean a massive Tesco :evil: ) in particular the one near Bristol?
There are a couple of Giant bikes - again no daft gags :lol: - tha I'm interested in looking at that no local stores have. Just wondered if they just sold mass market stuff and branded accessories or whether they were actaully usefull?


  • snowjhosnowjho Posts: 108
    Went to the one in Guildford the other day and was impressed. Guy that I spoke to seem to really know his stuff and very passionate about the bikes, just a shame I couldn't quite stretch my budget to the trance x3
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I`ve been to the one in Radlett.Obvoisuly as they only stock the one brand,you have amuch better chance of seeing the exact model you want,and may have abetter chance of trying sizes.
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  • simonp123simonp123 Posts: 490
    Sorry all, I just noticed that I posted this in 2 separate bits of the forum. I though it had not posted as my login expired as I was posting, so re-posted. Obviously in a different but of the forum somehow :oops:
  • Bishbosh10Bishbosh10 Posts: 268
    I found the Bristol store very helpful - they let you test ride around the words over the road and were frank and open with their advice.

    Only down side is they are not the most competitive price wise.
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  • simonp123simonp123 Posts: 490
    Yes, they were pretty helpfull on the phone yesterday, so I'm popping over later to have a look at bikes. As you say the prices aren't great, but I have less guilt about trying there and buying elsewhere than I would a shop not owned by Giant. If I buy a Giant bike from wherever they still get the cash, so no guilt there.
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