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Bristols hidden gems

KaiseKaise Posts: 2,498
edited March 2012 in Your pics and vids

bit more creative effect into this one, let me know what you think



  • thekickingmulethekickingmule Posts: 7,957
    Ooooo arty!
    I enjoyed that, the bit with 3 windows on it was good, maybe lasted a little too long (only a few seconds less imho) but it was interesting.
    Never really been a fan of cameras angled to show where the bike's been. I like looking forward. The chest mounted camera was the best, you feel like you're riding it.

    Good video though, kudos!
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  • KaiseKaise Posts: 2,498

    I'm just learning to use the camera and editing software so that's the reason for the arty look with multi angles. Hopefully my idea of a 10 to 15 minute film of the best bits of riding this year will work out. The time lapse needs work aswell
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    having done timelapse my self i know how tricky it is or should that be how time consuming it is..

    i actually liked the time lapse bit,, the other footage was ok to,, i'm not a big fan of pov footage there's to many bad pov video on the net these days,, i prefare the 3rd person perspective..
    i think the way you edited the video is really good to,, if you putting out stuff this good and your a beginner then there's going to be some good stuff coming our way of off you in the future..

    try some 3rd person footage, to be a little different to the rest..

    keep um coming though i enjoyed this...

    are you using a mac for editing ?
  • KaiseKaise Posts: 2,498
    Yeah the timelapse bit is a good intro, it was a practice as really I wanted to have better light and be completing a bit more of a service. The pov sections in the video are alright but too long IMO, the bit with the jump came out better than I thought it would being in split screen.

    This is only my second video so thanks for the compliments, hoping to get some good footage at the end of march when I'm heading to coed y Brennin and llandegla on two seperate days so I'm story boarding it out so I can at least have an idea what the feel for the video is going to be.

    Using a MacBook pro with final cut pro, and I'm going to have a go at creating my own cut scene in motion.

    I'll post up when the next one is done, got some practice to be doing though in the mean time.
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