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From the basque to Thailand

ShaolinroadShaolinroad Posts: 4
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Hello all,

Im planning to do a long route, from the basque country (Spain) to Thailand.

Im not very fit, and Im not crazy about cycling but for many reasons Ive decided to do this trip.

I would love to get some advice from you guys, if anybody have done something similar, what kind of equipment I need. what are the best routes?

Im trying to attach a file with a picture of the route, it is more or less what Im planning to do.

Thanks a million to all of you.



  • Given the visa/security issues around the Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan area, I would look at heading up through Russia, China(you might struggle again, have a couple of friends who were denied a visa a few years ago as they said they were cycle touring, not really sure why!) then down from there, whether you go through the Himalayas or not is a big decision!

    I am currently planning a ride from South Africa to South America, big old upside down U! And have found a lot of useful information on the Horizons Unlimited website It's mainly a motorbike travel site but is very good with Visa/Security stuff and they have members all over the world.

    One thing that has been pointed out to me is if you do go through Iran/Iraq, it's worth spending some time in Turkey to sort out all of the visa's for the middle east as the tourist visa you are likely to get is only valid for a certain amount of time, normally less time than it will take you to ride from Spain;-).

    If yo have any more specific questions, post them up and someone will help out(hopefully)! Whatever you end up doing, have an awesome time, it will be the trip of a lifetime!
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  • Thanks campbellrae1 for your reply, really appreciate it.

    Yes Russia sounds easier for the visas, I'm from Spain myself, so I don't know what nationalities your friends are, but maybe (it is something I have to check when I get to Spain) it is easier for me, if your friends were from the States, Im not sure of that...
    Iraq as a country, I would love to do it, but it is out of the plan because of the conflicts... I see that impossible as a possibility, Iran would we a really long route if I decide to cycle in the South and I would love it, but as you said, visas would be the thing, again I say I have to check everything really well.

    At the moment Im in Ireland and I have to be here for at list one more month, make some money in my last jobs and start planning everything in Spain. Ive joined the couchsurfing website, so I can meet the people from every country and stay with them, so they can give me advice, I thing it is a good idea for all you cyclist in this site. There is one for cyclist as well, were people mostly offer you a garden to put up the tent and a shaver.

    Thanks again campbellrae1, the north route sounds really good as well, and as you said a big decision to go through the Himalaya.

    I will come up with more questions if I decide to go ahead with it, at the moment Im dealing with a lot of stuff and trying to get some funding to make a documentary about the people that will host me, culture and habits.

    Good luck with your trip too, wish you the best luck in your journey, when are you planning to do it?


  • Will most likely be planned for 2014, in the process of saving up(we will be away for over a year, maybe 2) so it requires substantial funding, hence the long wait! It might also be changed by the political situation in certain countries, so as of now I have the bike, some of the cash but no firm plans! A large part of me just wants to save up the money, make my way to South Africa and go, then sort out the problems as they arise, probably not the easiest way to do it!

    As for my friends, one is Australian the other French. Not sure if that poses any issues with the visas, as mentioned above, Horizons Unlimited could be a good source of info on that(or any other similar site for that matter!). That couple spent a very long time in Mongolia, they loved it, and will spend a long time recommending it to anyone that will listen! If you're going the northern route, might be worth a look.
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    Theres a lot of info on if you search
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