Puncture Proof Tyres for new Cube Carbon bike

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I am thinking of getting new tyres for my new Cube Agree GTC Race bike as it is nearly time to bring it out of winter hibernation. The bike came with Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 23 mm tyres, which I understand are reasonably good fast tyres, but I had a slow puncture almost immediately after getting the bike in November, despite only riding it in good road conditions.

I am therefore considering fitting tyres that are more puncture proof. I had been thinking of 25 mm Continental Ultra Gatorskins as I have these on my Audax bike. These have been really good tyres for me although I did eventually have a puncture with them last week, and the tyre was really tough to remove and put back on - it took me ages. So I was thinking of getting maybe a folding version of the same tyre (or something similar) for my Cube bike - as hopefully it may be easier to get off and on than the standard wire beaded version?

Would 25mm Ultra Gatorskins, or something similar, feel too heavy and sluggish on a light carbon race bike? I appreciate they are heavier that the Ultremos, but hopefully they would give me more punture protection, and the 25mm would perhaps roll better and be a bit more comfortable than 23 mm tyres, without too much loss of speed?

Does anyone have thoughts or experiences using heavier tyres on light carbon bikes?


  • kentphil
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    I've got Gatorskins on my Giant TCR. They've been great for me. On my second set now. My folding one's have been pretty hard to get on and off. Some decent tyre leavers and some fairy liquid needed!
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    I use Schwalbe Durano S on my commuting carbon bike. Can't recall any incidents though I am reasonably good at keeping the pressure up.

    I think Ultremos are a bit too quick to wear in winter but the Durano S isn't that much heavier and is pretty good. TBH the standard Durano is still reasonably light.

    In any case, contemplating changing tyres because of one puncture is a bit premature. It is, apparently, possible to puncture a Schwalbe Marathon but that doesn't mean they are puncture prone.

    You won't notice any speed difference between 23mm and 25mm. Mind, you might not notice much comfort difference either!
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  • cougie
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    Have you tried just swapping the wheels over on your bikes to see how it rides.

    There are no puncture proof tyres.

    FWIW my conti gp4000s tyres have been amazingly resistant. With about 95psi in they are brilliant.
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    I've put 23mm gatorskins (the folding ones) on my winter wheels which have spent the winter on a bianchi Sempre (full carbon and pretty light) and they are a bit slower than the gp4000s on my summer wheels but I suspect the wheels play a lot more of a part in that than the tyres. Haveing used them all winter riding at least every weekend I've not had a single puncture. Very happy with them and wouldn't use anything else during the winter months.
  • JohnBoyUK
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    Nice Cube. I bought the same bike in October and only done 200 miles on it before it went into winter hibernation. I bought some GP4000s tyres for it last week after reading some reviews and recommended by some of my club mates in prep for bringing the bike out again.

    I've been running Gatorskins on my Allez Elite over the winter months and I'm still not convinced by them. I run them at 110psi (I'm between 14st 12lbs and 15st 1lb at the mo) and in the space of 2,000 winter miles (Oct11-Feb12), I've had three Ps, two of which were in the sidewall and needed the rear tyre replacing. Guess I've just been unlucky. They seem grippy enough.
  • sandyballs
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    +2 or 3 for the GP4000s used them all last year, one pinch flat after mate with new GPS toy took us down a gravel track on a buiding site a mountain bike would have punctured on.
  • Secteur
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    I use Durano's - slightly heavy but have never had a problem - they really are tough as old boots.

    I have only ever had one puncture, and that was in ideal Summer conditions about a week after I decided to be fancy and get some ZX Ultremo's. I paniced and immediately got some Durano's and they've done a great job since.

    Obviously, they're not racing tyres, but then I dont ever race!
  • CiB
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    Ni such thing as puncture proof tyres unless you go for the solid rubber ones that used to be on kids' bikes. You were just unlucky, or didn't look. FWIW I run Mich Pro 3 front & rear and have used the bike all through the winter, knocking up a couple of thousand miles on a mix of main roads, country lanes & B roads. I've had two flats in that time, one when I wheeled it out of the office and the back just went down, and the other when I rolled onto the drive at home and ran over some glass that the bin men had thoughtfully left out for me.

    Some tyres are worse than others but if you keep the pressure up and keep an eye on what you're riding over making an effort to avoid things that might give you a flat, you'll be okay.
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    Thanks for all the advice.

    I know there is no such thing as puncture proof tyres, but I'm looking for something that will give me more protection than a normal race tyre, but doesn't feel notably slower. I also generally look at the road ahead and avoid potential dangers rather than plough on regardless. The gatorskins have been great on my Audax, but was very difficult to get off and on last week when I did eventually get a puncture.

    I'll definitely look at Duranos or GP4000s for my new Cube.