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STOLEN: ORANGE P7S with DMR V12 Pedals - Chippenham, Wilts

ad3yad3y Posts: 2
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Hi All,

Please note that I had my 2010 Black Orange P7 S stolen from my shed on Friday 2nd March 2012.
The frame was 21" (so not very suitable for shorter peoples!!!).
It had DMR V12 Magnesium Pedals and a RaceFace Deus XC Seat Post with the cantilever seat support.
Anyone who has any information , please private message me - thanks.

On a general note, there is an epidemic of this in the Chippenham and Calne area so please make sure everyone secures their bikes properly (even if it means keeping it/them in the house!!!).

They broke into the shed by removing the screws from the lock where it attaches to the shed door, the police tell me they could just as easily have removed the hinges from the shed door so if you have screws visible on the outside of the door then use some liquid metal or similar to fill the screw heads to stop them being removed.

Use security lighting in your garden so that if anyone enters the garden then it will be lit up brightly.
Use a shed or rape alarm that is set off when the door is opened by a thief.

Sorry if I'm repeating common knowledge here but it's better that you read something knowing you have already done what's necessary than be sorry like me :(

ad3y !!!
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